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    I am trying to capture an image to test the imaging side but seem to have run into an issue. When I click start it tries to resize and then says unable to create image (fails immediately), when I click cancel it then freezes.

    The image is a windows 10 1709 Image with UK and US language pack installed. The image is also sealed. The drive itself has 3 partitions (boot, recovery and windows).

    Are there any special requirements for the state the image has to be in or requirements on partitions etc.

    There are very limited options/settings I can change it would seem.

    Or any other ideas what might be happening.

    Any nudges in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.




    This is the procedure we follow when building and capturing images:

    • Build and service the image in audit mode,  with the command prompt run as administrator, shut down the machine with following command: “shutdown /s”
    • We deploy in Audit mode, boot up the machine, do final checks, seal to OOBE and shut down. The machine is then ready to ship.
    • We do not build restore partitions but include instructions on how to download a recovery image from Microsoft.


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